Re: 2 make_tape_recovery backups on the same tape

Tiziano Contorno _
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2 make_tape_recovery backups on the same tape

Hi, is it possible to store 2 different make_tape_recovery (from two different servers) on the same tape?


Maybe using some non rewinding device?


If it is possible, how to select wich image to boot with?


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Pete Randall
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Re: 2 make_tape_recovery backups on the same tape

It's already required to use the no rewind device with the make_tape_recovery command.  This is so the boot headers may be written on to the beginning of the tape before the regular tar (pax) backup gets written.  That way, when you boot from the tape drive, the boot files are read and the system knows what to do with them.  Since you have no functional system at that point, I don't know how you would be able to issue the tape positioning command to get you to the recovery image you wished to use.  So, the answer would have to be no, it's not possible - and I can't even begin to imagine why you would want to.

Steven E. Protter
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Re: 2 make_tape_recovery backups on the same tape



This is no way to save tapes.


I know tapes are very expensive, but a real money saver is to use ignite make_net_recovery and store your archives to an NFS read-write mount point.


I'm sure it is tecnically possible to put two images on one tape. I would not want to try and recover from that second image in a DR scenario.


What you can do is use fbackup or even tar to back up the network based images to a tape. A vg00/rootdg Ignite image weighs in at around 5 GB. You can get a whole pile of them on one tape.



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Dennis Handly
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Re: 2 make_tape_recovery backups on the same tape

>how to select which image to boot with?


That's exactly the problem.  Also, if you have more than one, how do you keep from overwriting any of the existing ones?  I.e. What you want doesn't work too well with a sequential media like a tape.


As SEP mentioned, make_net_recovery is the way to go.