All system files changed after Archive création (Golden Image)

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All system files changed after Archive création (Golden Image)


We tried to create a Golden Image this afternoon. However, after the first step, people complained about not being able to resolve network connections etc.

After some checks, I noticed that the make_sys_image process had been killed.

However, the B.11.23_archive.gz file (we're on HP-UX 11.23 - RP4440) continued to grow (gzip process was still running) for about 30 minutes. After that, all important system files had lost their contents (examples: /etc/rc.config.d/netconf and /stand/system /etc/hosts /etc/group etc).

Not only that, we lost a lot of logical links (from /usr/bin to / and /usr/lib to /)

No more links are present in the /etc directory and we seem to have lost more links in other directories.

This is a clustered system (luckily, I was able to reconstruct the system files (apart from /stand/system) but it will take me an enourmous amount of time to recreate all the links.

We do not have an ignite of the system, only backups made with TSM.

Does anyone know how to do this step, which in fact wasn't performed when the make_sys_image process was killed:

The host and/or networking information on the system are temporarily set to newconfig values. After the command is complete these files are returned to their previous state.

The above mentioned message is part of the make_sys_image.log which returned the following line as well:

NOTE: tlremove is searching filesystem - please be patient
NOTE: Successfully completed

Please geniouses...I am counting on you here :-)

Steven E. Protter
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Re: All system files changed after Archive création (Golden Image)

Shalom Shel,

The network connection effect is a consequence of creating the golden image.

Stopping the golden image in progress makes sure the problems stays around.

The issue at hand is permissions on /etc files.


Should be checked and if possible restored from backup.

/etc/passwd and /etc/group are also altered in the process.

Your best bet might be to re-run and let the image finish. It will happily create the .gz file on an NFS mount.

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Prashant Zanwar_4
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Re: All system files changed after Archive création (Golden Image)

Very strange.. i am getting to know this type of thing for first time..
I would say restore from TSM backup also should help you...
But this is a tough job overall... Ignite would be best bet, which you dont have..

Comparison with other system and restoring from TSM shud be best bet at this time
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Re: All system files changed after Archive création (Golden Image)

Thanks for your reply,

In that case, do I leave the current archive.gz file in place?

The way I executed the archive command:

/opt/ignite/data/scripts/make_sys_image -s local -d /sysbck/image/archives -n B.11.23_archive.gz

Do you know why it messed up the logical links?

Will the be restored as well?

Sergej Kleva
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Re: All system files changed after Archive création (Golden Image)

Hi there!
I don't know how to help you 'cause i got similar problem indeed:

After restore of golden image my /etc/group file was changed. There are missing groups that were there before creation of golden image :(

for example i miss dba, oinstall, tftp and some other groups ...

Anyone got a clue what was i doing wrong during the make golden image proccess?