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Another bootable DVD (Ignite) question

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Another bootable DVD (Ignite) question

I have no problem creating HP-UX bootable DVD's any longer. As long as long as the image isn't
> 2Gb. (even though I used the version of mkisofs which supports files >2Gb).

Which begs the question. Can a bootable DVD be created using UDF instead of ISO format? I understand that the UDF format supports files > 2Gb?
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Re: Another bootable DVD (Ignite) question

the poster of thread seems to have managed to create > 2Gb, but annoyingly does not state how!
If you do find out, please post the solution into the closure.
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Re: Another bootable DVD (Ignite) question

Since version C.6.2 (I think) Ignite-UX has shipped with a script named:
And this script can be used as an example of how to make DVD media.

If the actual archive file, on the DVD media, is smaller than 2.1 GB, there should be no problem.

Please note that while it is possible to build a DVD which contains an archive file larger than 2.1 GB (i.e. newer versions of mkisofs are happy to do this), only these versions (or later) of the Ignite-UX install kernels will be able to read such a file from the DVD media:

B.11.23 - Dec-2005 - C.6.5 (has patch PHKL_33110)
B.11.11 - Jun-2006 - C.6.8 (has patch PHKL_34153)

Please note that these new versions increase the maximum size of a file on custom DVD media from 2,147,483,647 bytes (2 GB) to 4,294,967,295 bytes (4 GB). If an archive file (for instance) grows beyond this 4 GB maximum, then
the install kernels will not be able to read it.

These limitations are (mostly) imposed by the ISO9660 standard, which the CDFS filesystem is based upon.

If you have inadvertently built a DVD which has this "file is too large for the install kernel" issue, then you'll probably see an error message of the form:
* Loading_software: Begin
* Installing boot area on disk.
* Formatting HP Service Partition.
* Enabling swap areas.
* Backing up LVM configuration for "vg00".
* Processing the archive source (hp client archives).
* Thu Apr 31 12:34:56 EST 2005: Starting archive load of
the source (B.11.11 client archive PA).
* Completed 0% of archive

gunzip: stdin: unexpected end of file
pax_iux: The archive is empty.
ERROR: Cannot load OS archive (B.11.11 client archive PA)

The configuration process has incurred an error, would
you like to push a shell for debugging purposes? (y/[n]):
What could possibly go wrong?
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Re: Another bootable DVD (Ignite) question

Sorry, I just read your last sentence. And I do not think it is currently possible to create (and subsequently read it via HP-UX) a DVD media using the UDF format.
What could possibly go wrong?
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Re: Another bootable DVD (Ignite) question

The Devil is in the detail.