Boot from DLT Library 2/20 SCSI

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Silvino Cardoso_1
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Boot from DLT Library 2/20 SCSI


I need to do a make recovery of a VG00 with 56GB!
With a DDS it will take too long, so I need to do it do a DLT8000.
The idea is to place manualy a tape into the drive of the library, then do the make_recovery, and then boot from that tape.
Is it possible? The server is an L3000.
Ignite-UX is B.4.1.61, HP-UX 11.00.
The library is a 2/20.
Thank you.
Pete Randall
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Re: Boot from DLT Library 2/20 SCSI

First, what in heaven's name are you doing with 56GB in your root volume group!!????

Second, yes, DLT drives are supported as Ignite media.


James R. Ferguson
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Re: Boot from DLT Library 2/20 SCSI


Yes, this should work. Current versions of Ignite's 'make_tape_recovery' support recovery tape creation on all DSS and DLT tapes.


Jeff Schussele
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Re: Boot from DLT Library 2/20 SCSI that library LOCAL to the system. At boot time when you do SEA from the boot handler, does the tape drive show up in the list?
If the answers to the above are no, then it probably won't work. If yes, then I'd certainly test it first before I'd trust it.

I also agree with Pete - 56Gb is WAY too big for vg00. You must be running application SW out of vg00. That's not a good setup. IF the application mangled vg00, then you're immediately in an Ignite scenario. BUT if the app were in it's own VG, then only that VG would need to be restored & the system stays up.

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Leif Halvarsson_2
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Re: Boot from DLT Library 2/20 SCSI

It is not necesary to make an Ignite backup of the complete vg00. If there is logical volumes with applications or user data only, this can be excluded from the Ignite backup (and backed up/restored with ordinary backup tools).
Silvino Cardoso_1
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Re: Boot from DLT Library 2/20 SCSI

Thanks for all your answers!

I know that the LVM config in that system is very BAD, (I don't tell you how the mirror is done! :-))

Now, I know that I can boot from the DLT, but I should test it first anyway.

Thanks again.
Silvino Cardoso