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Lee Abell
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Bootable Cd and recovery from Ignite Server

Here is what I want to do, the documentation out there comes close but not exactly this.

I have an ignite server running on hpux 11.11 june 2003 and ignite 4.4.30. I have created some network recovery archives and I can re-install them over the network on some machines. However, not all of my machines are able to boot off of the network. I want to create a bootable cd that does not contain like the whole archives but that just gets the system up so that I can select to perform a remote installation from the ignite server and enter the network information of the host and the ip of the ignite server. Now, I know I can do this from the core os cd 1, there is the problem though. When I do this, I get a message telling me that the version of ignite that I booted from is different than the version installed on the ignite server and that the versions not matching could create problems.

B.4.3.91 on the core os cd that I booted from.
B.4.4.30 on the ignite server.

So, I want to create a bootable cd that has ignite version B.4.4.30 on it so that I can just tell the system the network info and perform the rest of the install/recovery from the ignite server.

In the documentation I found it seemed like everyone creating bootable cd's did like the whole restore, the archive and everything on the cd..... Or if a core OS cd has that same version B.4.4.30 of ignite on it, please tell me what version and revision it is.

Thanks for your Help in advance.

G. Vrijhoeven
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Re: Bootable Cd and recovery from Ignite Server


Check for SEPs answer in this threat:


It will help you.

Steven E. Protter
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Re: Bootable Cd and recovery from Ignite Server


I don't even remember that post.

There is another possible solution.

boot the client off the built in LAN card.

At the console

interupt a boot at the 10 second prompt

boot lan.ip_of_ignite_server install

Properly configured you can boot off the Ignite server and do the install that way. As far as I know you can only do this on the internal built in NIC. It will work via a crossover cable.

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Lee Abell
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Re: Bootable Cd and recovery from Ignite Server

Thanks for your responses. They helped but I am still having problems. I can not boot all of my system over the network and that is why I want to create this bootable cd. Some of my systems are setup to boot from the network and that works really well. Some systems however, for many reasons can not have this done.

I tried to create the cd and did not have success. Here is exactly what I did.

make_medialif -f /opt/ignite/data/Rel_B.11.11/config -l /var/opt/ignite/uxinstl

I then transfered that file via ftp to a windows pc and burned an image using nero. I burned it twice once telling nero hfs and the other time just raw with a 2048 block size.

When I tried to boot from the cd's, I got the following error and dropped to the ISL Prompt

WINSTALL: cannot open, or not executable

Please help, it is appreciated.
Bernhard Mueller
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Re: Bootable Cd and recovery from Ignite Server


I believe you just want to boot off the CD and get the rest from the Ignite server, right?
So to create a "generic boot CD" you should run
make_medialif -m -v -l /var/tmp/nix
check your lif using
instl_adm -d /var/tmp/nix
transfer /var/tmp/nix (binary!) to your PC and burn it using block size 2048.

Lee Abell
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Re: Bootable Cd and recovery from Ignite Server


That works great!!!!!! I had used diff syntax on my make_lif command, that was the diff. I have one more question. Now when I boot from the cd and install it says that the cd has B.4.4.29 and the Ignite sever has B.4.4.30. It says that this is an allowable difference. Why are these different?? I would think since I created it from the system running 4.4.30 that it would copy that onto the image. I ran a swlist to see if two different versions of ignite were installed and I do not see this being the case.

Thanks Again
Elli Wang

Re: Bootable Cd and recovery from Ignite Server

Don't worry about the version inconsistancy. For some reason, Ignite B.4.4.30 ships with B.4.4.29 clients. You will see the warning every time. Just ignore it.

BTW, if you just need a CD to boot, you don't have to burn a boot CD. You can use any OS CD to boot and then choose to install from Ignite server. However, you need to write down the IPs of your Ignite server and the Gateway.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Bootable Cd and recovery from Ignite Server


This only problem with using an install CD is that sometimes the version of Ignite-ux on the CD is incompatible with the version of Ignite-UX that the archive was made at, otherwise this would be a perfectly suitable solution. So as the question asks, how can one make thier own CD which does the same as the install cd's? Hopefully the responses have answered the question.

Thanks all, I will go out and try this myself now, since I have the same question.

- Andy