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Bootable tape for Itanium system?

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Bootable tape for Itanium system?


is there any possibility to create a bootable tape from make_net_recovery image for Itanium server? I'm used to use such a procedure for PA-RISC systems (make_medialif...).

Help will be appreciated.

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Re: Bootable tape for Itanium system?

Please look at the script on the last which Clinton A Neill sent. I just summarized it below:

###Step 1 - Build the tape
1-)Go to arhive CFG location
mt -t /dev/rmt/0mn rew

cd /var/opt/ignite/clients/hptest1/recovery/2008-07-23,15:22
cat archive_cfg | sed 's/archive_type = gzip tar/archive_type = tar/g' | sed 's/archive_path = "1"/archive_path = "22"/g' > /tmp/arch_cfg

(Change to to )

2-)The server you want to make a boot tape must be same version with the client you want to recover

make_ipf_tape -f system_cfg \
-f control_cfg \
-f /tmp/arch_cfg \
-d /dev/rmt/0mn \
-r B.11.23 \
-w /tmp/volume_label \

3-)Write a archive label on recovery tape for bootloader.

echo `cat recovery.log | grep flist | awk '{print $NF}'` |awk '{printf("%020d", $1)}' > ${arch_size}

echo "10240" |awk '{printf("%016d", $1)}' > ${block_size}
print -n "UHL3EFIAUXA$(cat ${arch_size})$(cat ${block_size})" > /tmp/arch_label

dd if=/tmp/arch_label bs=80 cbs=80 conv=sync of=/dev/rmt/0mn

4-)Decompress the archive to tar ant write it to tape
gunzip -c -S "" 2007-07-09,09:11 | dd of=/dev/rmt/0mn obs=10k

mt -t /dev/rmt/0mn rew

###Step2 - Boot the system from the tape
1-)Find the tape device EFI path
Shell> reconnect -r
Scsi(Pun3,Lun0) HP C7438A ZP5A (160 MBytes/sec) (Tape'in PUN ve LUN numarasini ogren)

2-)Add boot option for tape
EFI Boot Manager->Boot Configuration->Add Boot Entry->Load File [Acpi(HWP0002,100)/Pci(1|1)/Scsi(Pun3,Lun0)]

3-)Boot from tape
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Re: Bootable tape for Itanium system?

Thank you, but,

is it possible to create such a bootable tape on Ignite UX server, which is PA-RISC server (11.11) for Ignite UX client, which is Itanium server (11.31)?
As I understood your posting, it's not possible. Am I right?

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Re: Bootable tape for Itanium system?

I believe you can do it on the pa-risc because make_ipf_tape command is also available on pa-risc. Just try i think it will work...
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Re: Bootable tape for Itanium system?

Thank you for assistance...