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I am using cdrecord to create a bootable CD from a bootable DDS Media. I do a

# dd if=/dev/rmt/c2t0d0DDS1n of=/tmp/file1

Then ftp the file to a SUN system with a CD writer.

There we do a

# cat file1 | cdrecord -v -speed=4 dev=0,5,0 tsize=611778560 -

I guess there are some missing steps above.
Where do we arrive at 611778560 from.

The size of file1 is around 32MB. But the specified size is around 611MB. It still works with file1 and 611778560. But if there are any changes to the file1 because of the contents of DDS Tape it doesn't work because we don't what value of tsize to specify.

When I do mkisofs -print-size file it comes out with
16108 extents. I am not sure how to derive the tsize from there.

Can anybody explain?

Thanks in Advance,

Vincent Stedema
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Re: CD-Record


My guess is that "tsize" means "track size". You're creating a cd with one track of 611 MB and the file1 file is placed within this track. You probably won't have to adjust the tsize parameter if the size of your image file increases or decreases.

Kenneth Platz
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Re: CD-Record

Try the following:

cdrecord -v -speed=4 dev=0,5,0 -isosize file1

I use this to burn ISO images on my Linux box and it works fabulously everytime.
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Sudip Hore_1
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Re: CD-Record


I think I should have mentioned that the file1 generated is in a HP-UX system. Thanks for the replies I will try them out. Please let me if any of you are aware of how we arrive at the tsize parameter.


marc seguin
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Re: CD-Record

The options I use :
cdrecord -v -eject speed=4 dev=1,2,0 -data tsize=680525824 /tmp/file1

where tsize is the exact size of the file.
And it works !

Hope this help...
Sudip Hore
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Re: CD-Record

Hi All,

Thanks for your replies.
I hope you notice that there is a big gap between the 2 file sizes.

dd file is around 32MB and the tsize is ~610MB.

What is the way to arrive at this size?

The tape we make works fine. It is used for booting the systems and loading software from a repository across the subnet.

How do we calculate the tsize?

- Sudip