Re: Can ignite use directory other then /var/opt/ignite ?

Nigel Reed
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Can ignite use directory other then /var/opt/ignite ?

I have a requirement to make an Ignite image of a system before a software upgrade. There is no tape drive attached, only a fibre attached tape library (and I don't think Ignite works with those?).


I've created an Ignite server on another system, however there isn't enough room in /var to take the image.


I've tried to create a symlink to a different file system but the make_net_recovery bombs saying a bunch of files aren't there if there's anything other than a directory in /var/opt/ignite/client/0xxxxxxxx


Since I'm not an Ignite expert, I thought I'd throw it out there if it's possible to specify an alternate directory to store the Image.




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Re: Can ignite use directory other then /var/opt/ignite ?

Hi Nigel:


Create new FS for /var/opt/ignite directory.


Sample procedure:


#  lvcreate -n lvrecovery vgvarignite

# lvextend -L xxxxxxx /dev/vgvarignite/lvrecovery

# newfs dev/vgvarignite/rlvrecovery

# lvdisplay /dev/vgvarignite/lvrecovery


--- Logical volumes ---

LV Name                     /dev/vgvarignite/lvrecovery

VG Name                     /dev/vgvarignite

LV Permission               read/write

LV Status                   available/syncd

LV Size (Mbytes)            xxxxxxx



# mkdir /tmp/ignite


# mount /dev/vgvarignite/lvrecovery /tmp/ignite


# cd /var/opt/ignite


# find . -depth -print | cpio -pdm /tmp/ignite


# umount /tmp/ignite


# cd $HOME


# mount /dev/vgvarignite/lvrecovery /var/opt/ignite


# bdf /var/opt/ignite


/dev/vgvarignite/lvrecovery      nnnnnn nnnnnn nnnnnn 79% /var/opt/ignite


Start IGNITE server and start ignite cliente copy.


Modify /etc/fstab to include newfs.


Add mirror or some protection to new fs


If all ok, umount /var/opt/ignite new FS and remove old files and remount newfs










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Re: Can ignite use directory other then /var/opt/ignite ?

Hi Nigel,


it should be sufficient to create a separate filesystem to hold the archives on the Ignite server and mount it on /var/opt/ignite/recovery/archives, provided there is enough space on the system available. Ignite archives are typically several gigabytes in size.




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Re: Can ignite use directory other then /var/opt/ignite ?



I have Ignite Server confirate with Service Guard and the next LVM configuration:


                   131072000 102813232 28048456   79% /var/opt/ignite
                     12288    1116   10480   10% /etc/opt/ignite
                    409600  360160   46412   89% /opt/ignite/boot



/opt/ignite is local to all nodes.


And work well.



Shane Seymour
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Re: Can ignite use directory other then /var/opt/ignite ?

The make_net_recovery command has a -a option for you to give an alternative location for the archive (including on a different system), from the manual page:


           -a archive_server:archive_directories
                Specifies the NFS server and location onto which to store
                the archive. The archive directory must be NFS exported (see
                the section Exporting Archive Directory), and sufficient
                disk space is required.  The default is the hostname of the
                Ignite-UX server followed by the directory which holds the
                archive, e.g.,
                Serverhost:/var/opt/ignite/recovery/archives/hostname.  The
                hostname is the name of the system being archived.  Each
                make_net_recovery client will create a subdirectory named
                for the client hostname under the specified directory to
                store the archives.

 Make sure that you have setup NFS to share where you want to put it.