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Clone system using ignite

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Scott Heiner
Occasional Visitor

Clone system using ignite

We currently have a golden system with three volume groups vg00, vg01and vg02. When we create the OS archive with make_sys_image the mount points on vg01 and vg02 are created in the "/" dir when we use ignite to clone the system to the next server. Is there anyway to create a true clone of the entire system including all Volume groups not just vg00?
Van Steirteghem Thierry
Occasional Advisor

Re: Clone system using ignite

Hi Scott,

The command make_sys_image of IgniteUX makes a complete image of your complete system. The definition of golden image is : "A Golden image is a compressed archive of an entire installed and configured system." You can conclude that all Volume Groups are taken.

TIP: use -u option to determine if you have enough space in your archive dir on your IUX server.

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Glenn S. Davidson
Trusted Contributor

Re: Clone system using ignite

Look in to get the manual I found it invaluable for creating a bootable CD of a system to carry with me for remote sites. It also talks about ways to include additional VG's. It also covers post ignite scripts which could include creating additional VG's and LV's and applying TAR balls to the new filesystems. There is no way that I'm aware of to do what you're asking.
I've always just created a base OS flexible enough to cover all needs and then add applications on top. It seems like the easiest way to me.
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Scott Heiner
Occasional Visitor

Re: Clone system using ignite

Ignite does take all volume groups but restrores other volume groups to the "/" dir on vg00. It is not a true clone of the system.
Carlos Fernandez Riera
Honored Contributor

Re: Clone system using ignite


Ignite allows you full customized instalations, this is want you want.

You need read man 4 instl_adm ( ignite program lenguage).

See also /opt/ignite/data/B_11.00/config.

My sugestion is:

Apply your cd or tape to a server but break the automatic instalation.

Then select advanced options , and under disk tab create your own vgs and filesystems.

Complete the instalation.

The file /var/opt/ignite/local/config is the config file applied in your new system.

This config file must be included ussing intl_adm (1m) on your ditribution media.

You can create vg automaticaly but you must customize your instalation.

Hope this help.