Cloning rp4440 to an L1000, posible?

José Enrique González
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Cloning rp4440 to an L1000, posible?


I have an rp4440 server running Ignite-UX C.6.0.109. Due to an emergency, I am trying to clone this to an L1000-36 server. Both servers have DDS3 tape drives attached.

Ignite tape makes well in source system, but when trying to restore onto L1000 it shows some errors:

1.- WINSTALL load fails with an "Exec format error"

2.- After un loading and reloading the tape in the drive, the tape boots, but shows read errors after a while, randomly

Would it be just tape drive incompatibility, or may be something else related to the differents architectures and the fact L1000 is a lot older than rp4440?

Thanks in advance for your comments

José Enrique
Mridul Shrivastava
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Re: Cloning rp4440 to an L1000, posible?

It is not possible to restore the ignite image between two different platforms.

If you have GUI version of Ignite-ux I guess there is an option of restoring it across different platform, don't exactly remember that. will post as and when get any hits about that.

Ignite image can be used if h/w platform is identical.
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Re: Cloning rp4440 to an L1000, posible?


It will definitely *not* work if you are doing an automatic restore.

If you performa an interactive restore it *might* work. When you get to the screen wher you can modify the disk configuration, I believe there is an addition options button. In that section you need to select clone to different hardware = true. This may allow the ignite to restore.

Steven E. Protter
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Re: Cloning rp4440 to an L1000, posible?


Your current methodology shows suprisingly that this is not going to work.

The hardware is substantially different and you may wish to take an Ignite Golden image, which is a little less hardware dependent to try the clone.

This failure is hardware related, you are right about that.

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Mridul Shrivastava
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Re: Cloning rp4440 to an L1000, posible?

Got it, have a look at the below link:


which says:

you can take a ignite recovery backup and restore it in the new servers.

But Make sure you select the option " restoring on different HW platform" in the advanced options during the ignite backup.
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Re: Cloning rp4440 to an L1000, posible?

Hello Jose ,
it ought to boot from the tape at least
I think this might be a tape error,
to test the tape (made with make_tape_recovery) take it to a drive of the same model which it not the one the creating system and try this :
mt -t /dev/rmt/xm rew
dd if=/dev/rmt/xmn of=/dev/null bs=256k
the in and out count should match and will be the same as the count just after this message in the make_tape_recovery log:
* Writing boot LIF to tape
50433+0 records in
50433+0 records out

providing you said -m t (tar format) check the os backup with
tar tvf /dev/rmt/xmn > /tmp/checktar
any i/o errors or missing eofs or other funny results mean you have dud tape (or drive)
We often get given non matching hardware by our recovery centre but I have not had to use the combination you have. We have sucessfully restored a r7420 npar running 11.11 to an N4000. We had to add the relevant lan driver once we had booted our system.
The only system which gives us grief is our V Class 2500 . the tape boots and completes the interactive restore but the restored system has trouble booting . In this case we insist that we get a V class system to restore to.
If it won't boot from a good tape you may need the latest L1000 firmware pdc patch I think it is PHSS_32705 .

good luck
P.S. we recently moved up to Ignite-UX Revision C.6.7.79

Help is out there always!!!!!