Confused about what step is next

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Confused about what step is next


I'm a little new to taking a Golden Image..

I've so far executed the following on my client that I'm making a Golden Image of:

/opt/ignite/data/scripts/make_sys_image -s local -d /archive/images -l 2 -m t

/opt/ignite/bin/save_config vg00

/opt/ignite/lbin/archive_impact -t -g -l 1 > /archive/images/imhqu27.impact

I'm not quite sure what to do next. Am I ready now to get my archive, config_recovery, and impact file over to my ignite server?

The notes that I have indicate the following command gets run also on the client prior to moving my archive over to my IGNITE-UX Server:

inst_adm -T -f (I'm not sure what this is??)
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Confused about what step is next

inst_adm -f loads the Ignite serves network cofniguration, which includes speed and duplex from a file.

inst_adm -T displays the configuration.

They are used as follows:

instl_adm -T > /tmp/file

edit the file to make sure networking and duplex options are correct.

instl_adm -f /tmp/file

Loads them up.

These commands are run on the Ignite Server, presumably the one you took the golden image on.

Client setup on the server side is done with the /var/opt/ignite/INDEX file.

Remember Ignite clients can only boot off the internal(built in) NIC card on HP-9000 servers. You can however configure the transfer itself to go through any active NIC on the box.

Any more questions?

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Re: Confused about what step is next

Scot Bean
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Re: Confused about what step is next

All of these components do now go over to your ignite server. You also need to setup a config file that will define your install image. Also, your server's master /var/opt/ignite/INDEX file will need to be updated with the new image configuration. Then you'll need to test the image, see if it works as expected.