Creating a tape recovery on a server without a tape drive.

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Creating a tape recovery on a server without a tape drive.


We are currently using tape recovery archives to roll out an OS build across 100 or so servers.

We have a D class machine (based 300 miles away) that has been built with an OS and an IBM DB2 instance, and I need to make a tape image of this, so we can roll it out over 40 server. The problem is that this server doesn't have a tape drive.

I have looked at network recovery archives, but it takes too long to get to the ignite server, plus network builds take 3 times longer than tape builds (our server can be completly installed inc app in 1 hr).

Now I have two idea's that might help

1. Create the tape files by hand. To do this I have cheated by running a make_tape_recovery in preview mode and using the config files it creates to put into make_medialif. I then use the archive flist file to create the tar file using make_sys_image:

# make_tape_recovery -A -v -i -p
# cd /var/opt/ignite/recovery/latest
# make_medialif -a -f archive_cfg -f control_cfg -f system_cfg -l /var/tmp/lifvol
# make_sys_image -d /pcplus/misdata -s local -l 1 -g flist -c z

I have then ftp these files to a box with a tape and dd them to create the tape.

2. Run the make_sys_image command to create the system archive in the same way as above:

# make_sys_image -d /pcplus/misdata -s local -l 1 -g flist -c z

Then ftp this to another D class machine with the same OS build (but without the DB2 instance) and on that machine run the make_tape_recovery:

# make_tape_recovery -A -v -i

Then use the LIF volume on this tape, but the archive from the DB2 machine:

# mt rew
# mt fsf 1
# dd if=system_archive.tar of=/dev/rmt/0mn bs=10k

My question is (eventually) will either of these methods work? I am leaning toward the second method, because it is a lot easier and doesn;t invole me having to create the LIF vol, which I haven't done before...
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Re: Creating a tape recovery on a server without a tape drive.


I think you will be better of creating a make_net_recovery tape. take a look at this former forum issue:


Hope this will help,


Re: Creating a tape recovery on a server without a tape drive.


Thanks for this. The reason I didn't want to create a net_recovery is that it takes a LONG time to create, whereas a local recovery archive takes around 25 mins (for 1.2GB).

Basically the reply (and the makenetrec.txt files) confirms that option 1 will work by bundling in the make_tape_recover files for create a LIF.

Thanks for this.