Creating new Vpar with Ignite


Creating new Vpar with Ignite

Hi, I am a litle confused about this task

I have a npar with 3 vpars, I have unused hardware (cpu, mem, io) and I need to create a new vpar.
In the ignite server I have an image with the vpar software.
How can I to create the new vpar without stop the other 3 vpars?

Thanks in advance.
harry d brown jr
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Re: Creating new Vpar with Ignite

using vparcreate and vparmodify in one of the other partitions you create the "vpar". Once you have the CPU's, Memory and IO devices assigned to the new partition you then do a vparboot

vparboot -p NEWvParName -I WINSTALL

From one of your running vpar's do a man on vparcreate, vparmodify and vparboot.

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