Re: DHCP-server.

Rudi Swennen_1
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I'm new in the world of ignite. Now I'm installing a ignite server. The first time I started ignite I read the little tutorial, but there is thing I don't understand.
When I open ignite and than options and server configurations, i open config booting IP-adress. there I give 1 IP-adress (because I will install 1 at the time), but in the server option window there is also something like DHCP.
Now I will only use the server as a recovery and restore system, not like an install system, so the systems I recover are all working and do have a IP-adress, but when I have to restore such a system doen I need a DHCP entry?

So for simple disaster recovery purpose, is there a need to fill something in at the DHCP field?


Rudi Swennen
John Waller
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Re: DHCP-server.

Rudi, Sorry if I have not understand what you are saying, but this sounds like you have described a server which is used for igniting new servers and not existing systems. If you are installing multiple servers with the same configuration, you would use an server and perform a network install, during this you can specify to obtain an IP address via DHCP or manual entry.
For a recovery and restore, I thought you would store the image on tape or as seperate image as these servers already have networking configured.