Error in ignite recovery

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Error in ignite recovery

Hi everyone


I am trying to restore a system with ignite recovery and I getting this error message:


ERROR:   tar: ./var/opt/ignite/local/manifest/ couldn't create directory
./var/opt/ignite/local/manifest: File exists
ERROR:   Cannot make link to (busy?) file:
         ./var/opt/ignite/local/manifest/#template.def: Not a directory (errno
         = 20)
ERROR:   tar: ./var/opt/ignite/local/manifest/template.def - cannot create: Not
         a directory (errno = 20).

It seems to me that something is not correct in the Ignite server. Does anyone knows what should I do to correct it?






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Dennis Handly
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Re: Error in ignite recovery

>/var/opt/ignite/local/manifest/ couldn't create directory
>./var/opt/ignite/local/manifest: File exists


It appears that "manifest" should be a directory and not a file.  Either remove it or rename it.