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Full-Backup Issue


Full-Backup Issue

hello all,


  i had aproblem on my system when i try to tahe  a full-backup as follow:


  ERROR:     'Ignite' software not installed

             It is not possible to make the System backup


when i check the error  on /var/opt/ignite/log


more ignite


=======  01/25/13 16:48:30 CAT  Begin HP-UX Install Server

         @(#) ignite user interface $Revision: 10.676 $




ERROR: This machine is not an NFS server (no nfsd running).

       The -n option will not be processed.


SUMMARY: There was 1 error detected.


can advise.


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Re: Full-Backup Issue

(You shouldn't be using ignite to take a "full" backup, only for the OS.)


Where are you trying to send the backup, to a tape or an ignite server?


Re: Full-Backup Issue



Make sure you have the latest Ignite-UX Software installed and configured if you prefer to perform Ignite-UX Network backup. 


I would recommend you to refer the HP Ignite-UX Guided Troubleshooting for step by step instruction on how to install and configure Ignite-UX and also perform network and tape backup.


Click here to access the HP Ignite-UX Guided Troubleshooting.


For Ignite-UX Server Side Configuration:

From the above link, navigate to "Configuration / How-To Guide" ->Ignite-UX Server Side Configuration 


Hope this information helps. 


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Re: Full-Backup Issue

What i mean for full backup is as ignite and for the OS and the ignite is taken on tapes
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Re: Full-Backup Issue

We really need the command line that you used to take your backup.  When running make_tape_recovery, -n is used for storing config files on an Ignite server and not very common. If you have an Ignite server, then using tape seems somewhat awkward. The message is clear: If you use -n, then the server specified with -s must be an NFS server and your client must be an NFS client. This is a standard tape backup command line:


make_tape_recovery -IAv -x inc_entire=vg00 -a /dev/rmt/0mn


where 0mn is the correct device name for your tape drive on this system.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin