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Golden Image question

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Golden Image question

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A recent concern has come up with some warnings that are issued in the September 2010 Ignite-UX Administrator's Guide that says the following:


Page #157


"IMPORTANT: Do not use the golden system while make_sys_image is running; the

make_sys_image command modifies files with host and networking information."


We're curious to understand more specifically what this means and what host and networking files are modified while the make_sys_image is running?   It's understood that the system we're taking an image on must be quiesced but we would like to understand what changes the make_sys_image is making to any local files on our Golden System where the image is being taken?   We have never seen any negative impact from taking Golden Images to a source system in the past, but would like to understand what the Ignite-UX Admin Guide is telling us a little better here with this Important Notice if someone could help us out?






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Re: Golden Image question

f.e. files like netconf, nsswitch.conf, resolv.conf etc. get depending on your configuration saved and cleared to default before creating the sysimage. In case that you come in the way of Ignite, it might not be possible to restore the saved files and you are left behind with an unsuable system.


Best practice:

# init 2

# make_sys_image




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Re: Golden Image question

documentation should be read like a love letter...


starting here check the definition for a golden image -- which says it includes a 'golden archive'.   a 'golden archive' uses files from /var/newconfig -- which are moved into place while the process is running.  i believe (certain?) /dev files are removed as well.

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Re: Golden Image question

donna hofmeister wrote:

documentation should be read like a love letter...

Donna, that's insightful and poetic at the same time :-)





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Re: Golden Image question



unfortunately i cannot claim any originality.  a dear and far wiser friend said it many years ago...and i simply spread the word.