HP-UX 11.31 cold install failed on rx2660

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HP-UX 11.31 cold install failed on rx2660

Hello all,


I have been trying to cold install a rx2660 machine. Installation is failed with below Error message screen at /opt/ignite/bin/itool screen.



itool must exist. because the /var/opt/ignite/INDEX file is missing. One possibility is the server setup is not complete. To finish it, run the make_config(1M) command.



Could somebody explain me what it is all about and how to resolve it?


Here are few details and procedure I've followed.


machine model : rx2660, IA64

Media used : HP-UX 11.31 September 2008


Installation Method selected:


*media only installation

*Advanced Installation - to change LVM information


Thanks in advance,



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Re: HP-UX 11.31 cold install failed on rx2660

Your OS release should be OK.  Do you happen to have a later version to try?  Are you booting an actual DVD or are you using an Ignite server?


Check the system firmware.  Update it if needed.








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Re: HP-UX 11.31 cold install failed on rx2660

Thanks Bob, Yes, I'm using original shiped DVD. I've upgraded SFW, BMC, MP firmware to latest.


I'll try with later relased shipment.