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How to Compare drivers on two hp-ux servers

Occasional Contributor

How to Compare drivers on two hp-ux servers



I  need help from  you to how to identify or compare drivers & its version between two hp-ux server.




I  have two servers serverA & server B   ( Both vpar on rp8420 ).  As business need I need to move Vpar OS  environment of server A  to   another  hardware - server C, again vpar slot on rp8420.


I  can able to successfully restore Ignite image  of  server B to server C , but could not do the same for  server A .


During  ignite intallation OS archive get loaded successfully however during server boot process, server get panic with error.  VFS-MOUNTROOTs failed Needs Drivers ???



Steps taken : - I confirm patches both both server A & B are identical ( checked using  show_patches ) also confirm  scsi, Fibre,ethernet drivers  installed packages are same using swlist.


I  also tyied to boot newly installed ignite image using   vparboot -p serverC -o "-lm"  . But still panic.


So like to know from this forum,  how to identify compare drivers between two servers.  Which I am missing right now.









Duncan Edmonstone
Honored Contributor

Re: How to Compare drivers on two hp-ux servers

What version of the OS are you on? If 11.31 you can use sysdiff to compare two systems without you having to do it manually:


sysdiff serverA serverB


Occasional Contributor

Re: How to Compare drivers on two hp-ux servers

Thanks Duncan.   Glad to know about new command.


Though server OS  I am referring here is 11.11