Ignite Boot Failure & CPU Types.

Sean McConkey_3
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Ignite Boot Failure & CPU Types.

I tried using an 2 Ignite tapes created on an L2000 (2x440MHz) on a newer L2000 (4x550MHz) and got the error message listed below. When using the same tape on an N4000 (4x440MHz) it works without any problems.

I suspect this may be due to HPUX 11 on the source L2000 not having the CPU details for the 550MHz CPU's. Unfrotunately I can't give details of which build of 11 was used to install HPUX 11on the box originally.

I know that the target L2000 is OK as I can boot off the N4000 Ignite tape on it & build without any problems.

I don't suspect the problem to be GSP version related as the target L2000 is newer, hence has newer firmware etc.

I suspect applying the latest Support+ disc to the source machine would fix the problem, but as this machine belongs to someone else it is out of my hands. He is however prepared to do this if it will fix the problem.

Anyone concur with this?

Here is the error detail.

HARD Booted.

ISL Revision A.00.38 OCT 26, 1994

ISL booting hpux (;0):INSTALL

: tape(0/5/0/;0):WINSTALL
7356432 + 841736 + 862536 start 0x25dd68

************* SYSTEM ALERT **************
SYSTEM NAME: uninitialized
DATE: 04/28/2003 TIME: 08:42:17
ALERT LEVEL: 12 = Software failure

SOURCE: 1 = processor
SOURCE DETAIL: 1 = processor general SOURCE ID: 0
PROBLEM DETAIL: 0 = no problem detail

LED State: Unexpected Reboot. Running non-OS code. Non-critical error detected.
Check Chassis and Console Logs for error messages.

0xF8E000C01100B800 00000000 0000B800 - type 31 = legacy PA HEX chassis-code
0x58E008C01100B800 00006703 1C082A11 - type 11 = Timestamp 04/28/2003 08:42:17
A: ack read of this entry - X: Disable all future alert messages
Anything else skip redisplay the log entry
T G Manikandan
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Re: Ignite Boot Failure & CPU Types.

Donald Kok
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Re: Ignite Boot Failure & CPU Types.

Can you leave the GSP (CO) and try to continue the ignite proces?
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Tom Geudens
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Re: Ignite Boot Failure & CPU Types.

I've had the same problem. The Ignite archive is OK, but it's the bootlif that causes the problem. You need a lif made with the B.4.x version of the Ignite software (if I'm guessing right, you're using the B.2.x version). You don't need to upgrade all your Ignite software right away, just 1 server with the B.4.x software will do.

Tom Geudens
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Sean McConkey_3
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Re: Ignite Boot Failure & CPU Types.

Tom will contact the guy when he is back from the USA & get him to check the Ignite version.

As for leaving the GSP, the machine reboots at that point.
Cheryl Griffin
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Re: Ignite Boot Failure & CPU Types.

I agree that you need to check your Ignite version. Also check that there is not more than one version in swlist:
# swlist -l fileset |grep -i ignite
If there are older versions, use swremove to remove them.

Two more things to check. The model string must be valid for the particular model:
# model

Firmware 41.39 should be used, it's available by patch: www.itrc.hp.com --> individual patches --> firmware
step 1: cpu
step 2: L2000
PDC Firmware (not GSP Firmware in this case)

To check your PDC firmware use cstm:
cstm> scl
9: Processor
enter (default=1)
cstm> info
cstm> il
-- Converting multiple raw log files to text. --
Preparing the Information Tool Log for each selected device...
scroll down a bit and look for:
PDC Firmware Revision: 41.39

Older PDC had a problem with setting the model string correctly.
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