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Ignite Booting Problem

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Ignite Booting Problem

Hi i am able to take the ignite backup of the client through Ignite server. But whe i go to restore through ignite server it failed by giving below error


#vparboot -p WMSDB01 -I,/opt/ignite/boot/Rel_B.11.23/WINSTALL


vparboot: Booting WMSDB01.  Please wait...
vparboot: unable to boot WMSDB01: Unable to receive install file from host "".



# tftp
tftp> get /opt/ignite/boot/nbp.efi /tmp/nbp.efi
Transfer timed out.

tftp> exit


On server

# cat /etc/inetd.conf | grep -i tftp
tftp        dgram  udp  wait   root /usr/lbin/tftpd    tftpd -l /opt/ignite     /var/opt/ignite


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Re: Ignite Booting Problem

This looks like you are trying to boot an Integrity server using the PA-RISC method.

Better read the chapter

"Ignite-UX, the LAN, the LAN card, and vparboot -I"


"Installing vP ars with Ignite-UX on Integrity"

in the admin guide.

Consider to use "vpardbprofile" or use


# vparboot -p <target_partition> -I [ [-d dbprofile_name]| [-s
ignite_ux_server_ip [-c client_ip -g gateway_ip -m subnet_mask] -b boot_file [-o



vparboot -p keira2 -I -s -c -g -m -b /opt/ignite/boot/nbp.efi -o




# vparboot -p keira2 -I

Hope this helps!

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