Ignite Error

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Ignite Error

Hi Admin,
I getting the following error when i doing ignite backup , pls tell me how to solve this

/opt/ignite/bin/make_tape_recovery -A -v -a /dev/rmt/0mn

* Creating The Tape Archive
* Checking configuration file for Syntax
* Writing boot LIF to tape
1265+0 records in
1264+1 records out
I/O error
ERROR: /usr/bin/dd if=/var/tmp/uxinstlf.recovery of=/dev/rmt/0mn bs=2k faile
to write LIF onto tape.
ERROR: Failed to generate LIF on tape .

======= 04/18/07 09:02:07 CDT make_tape_recovery completed unsuccessfully

Thanks in advance

Pete Randall
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Re: Ignite Error

Sounds like a problem with either the drive or the medium in it. Have you tried a new tape? Another drive?


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Re: Ignite Error


I'm not an admin but a user too.

This looks like a bad tape or even a bad drive:

"I/O error"

Try a new tape, check the drive.

Hope this helps!

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Wouter Jagers
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Re: Ignite Error

Quick hunch: have you tried using another tape ? If the tape is bad, no use spending loads of time troubleshooting ;-)

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Tor-Arne Nostdal
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Re: Ignite Error

Error could be either input or output.

The dd command fails, but it doesn't say why.

Yes, it's most likely the tape but if it's not the tape itself you should check both:


Is it correct device file?
ioscan -fnCtape
What about rights?
ll /dev/rmt/0mn

Related to verifying the input LIF:
See manpage for make_medialif

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Re: Ignite Error

Hi Admins,
Thanks for your responses ,
We have opened a call with HP for tape drive replacement

Thanks & Regards
Fred K. Abell Jr._1
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Re: Ignite Error


I also had this problem. I am running HP-UX 11.i on a J5000 workstation.

I did three things at once to correct it, any of which might be the correct answer, but the last fix seems to ring a bell in my mind of fixing this problem several years ago.

First I downloaded a new copy of Ignite and did an MD5sum to verify it was correct. I then installed it again. I thought I did it right the first time, but was not paying close attention to what I was doing. I doubt this was the problem.

Second, I made sure all patches were up to date. I ran a check and needed to install PHNE_35950, PHSS_34839, and PHSS_36286. This might have fixed the problem; I did not look up the details of the patches. I don't look at what a patch does; I just follow the recommendations of the security patch check.

The last thing that might have made a difference and something in the back of my mind tells me I did it this way long ago, was the order of entry of the delimiters makes a difference. I entered make_tape_recovery -a /dev/rmt/0mn -I -A vg00 , putting the tape device first and the disk last. Notice I did put a -a instead of letting it default.

This is my first reply to help others, hope it works for you. I am going to copy this to others with the same problem.


Fred Abell