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Ignite Install Question

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Ignite Install Question



We have and ignite server running on a HPUX 11.11 server, with and old version C.6.9.150. It has boot kernels for 11.00,11.11 and 11.23:



B5725AA.Ignite-UX.BOOT-COMMON-IA    C.6.9.150      Common Boot Components for IPF clients
  B5725AA.Ignite-UX.BOOT-COMMON-PA    C.6.9.150      Common Boot Components for PA-RISC clients
  B5725AA.Ignite-UX.BOOT-KRN-11-00    C.6.9.150      Installation Boot Kernel for B.11.00 clients
  B5725AA.Ignite-UX.BOOT-KRN-11-11    C.6.9.150      Installation Boot Kernel for B.11.11 clients
  B5725AA.Ignite-UX.BOOT-KRN-11-23    C.6.9.150      Installation Boot Kernel for B.11.23 clients


The problem I have now, is that we are going to get some new 11.31 servers, and I need to be able to backup/restore the OS from ignite.


The thing is, if a carry on with this old version of ignite I can't boot 11.31, If I install a newer version C.7.17.391 for example, it doesn't have suppor for booting 11.00 servers( we still have loads of them :** ).


I also can't use another server for installing ignite C.7.17.391 and only using it for the 11.31 OS images.


Is there a solution, were I can mix versions of ignite to update to 7.17, but still keep the 11.00 boot kernel,etc.


Looking at the release notes I see that it looks like there was a Ignite version, where all OS versions where supported 11.00 to 11.31:


• Ignite-UX dropped support for B.1
   1.00 with the C.7.3, September 2007, release.
• Ignite-UX added support for B.1
   1.31 with the C.7.0, February 2007, release.


Any of you by any change have a depot of ignite with version C.7.1 or C.7.2 ?


I don't have any servers to test this out, thanks for the help.





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Windows?, no thanks
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Re: Ignite Install Question

Might be your best bet is to keep two different Ignite servers.  Keep the old one just for the 11.00 systems.  Since they will all be PA-RISC, you can setup instl_boottab to match IPs to MACs and not worry about DHCP for those.



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Bill Hassell
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Re: Ignite Install Question

Robert is correct. Reserve your current Ignite server for the old stuff. Ignite is very dependent on harware and disk configs and C.6 version is far too old to be used on 11.31. I keep one server (an 11.00 system) to backup 10.20 and 11.00 systems only. Then the other server (for 11.11, 11.23 and 11.31) is the very latest C.7.17.391 and will be updated at least twice a year if new versions come out. The reason is that new hardware (disk controllers, LAN cards, CPUs and backplanes) keeps coming out and Ignite failures can be tricky to detect and resolve. This is especially baad for good backups that won't restore.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: Ignite Install Question

Hi, Thnx Both, I finally did as you suggested, left the current server for the old stuff(11.00) and pa-risc, and installed a new one where I have 11.23 and 11.31 itanium servers.



Windows?, no thanks