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Ignite Net recovery on PA-RISC and IAc

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Ignite Net recovery on PA-RISC and IAc


Hello Experts ,

Need your inputs on ignite recovery on PA and IA system.


I have setup new Ignite server and added clients for recovery and able to take the ignite backup @ Ignite server .  All the clients and server having saame version of ignite software C.7.16.283.

Now I have challenges during recovery  ,


I have observed , while running make_net_recovery ,  it takes the first LAN interface’s MAC address irrespective we give the MAC address of PRI Interface while adding client to Ignite server . many times  first MAC / interface might be not having physical connection or it is in different subnet than ignite server  and due to which we cannot perform recovery .

Our ignite server and clients are not on same subnet / vlan and due to which I cannot run the bootpquery


Client# /usr/sbin/bootpquery MAC_of_cleint  ether -s server

bootpquery: Bootp servers not responding!


>> Ignite server and clients should be on same subnet/Vlan is that condition for recovering PA-RISC ? also applicable for IA-Itanium architecture ?

>>  How to recover system in case if server and clients are on different subnet ?

>> while searching doc , I got  “ Boot HELPER “ we can set  to client’s subnet and that way we can recover the client. For which we have to install “Ignite-UX.MinimumRuntime “ followed by

#instl_adm -t Ignite-UX_server_IP

#instl_adm –d

>> what are exact steps  to configure BOOT HELPER on HPUX server ?

>> Steps to configure boot helper on Non-HPUX like LINUX and how does it works.

>> In case , if we do not have Boot helper and client is on different subnet and due to some reason client get crashed ? then can we just recover the system after requesting network team to change the subnet/Vlan of client to same as server , followed by recovery procedure ? Can this be a work around ?


Thanks in advance !