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Ignite Rebuild Kernel

Occasional Contributor

Ignite Rebuild Kernel



I am igniting source ignite image on different hardware ( both model are rp8420 ) as part of hardware change.


I have  added couple of drivers ( scsi320 , IEther-00 , which are created using make_config ) along with source image image  for hardware compatiable on new server.


Installation get successful.  Additional driver also get installed as part of installation.


Though  I can't see kernel get rebuild during this process.  This causing  server panic during boot.


Install log  shows



       * Build_Kernel:  Begin


NOTE:    Since the /stand/vmunix kernel is already in place, the kernel will

         not be re-built. Note that no mod_kernel directives will be processed.



       * Build_Kernel:  Complete




       * Boot_From_Client_Disk:  Begin.



Does any way to rebuild kernel as part ignite installation when additional drivers also installed.




Abhijeet Durugkar