Ignite-UX Cloning to different Hardware

Sameer Mohbe_1
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Ignite-UX Cloning to different Hardware

Is there a Ignite-UX Compatibility matrix from a H/W point of view? I am looking to Ignite a rx8640 Server and recover it on rx6600 .Is this possible .I have a fear this will create issues as rx6600 as it has SAS drives and it wont be recognized during recovery .

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Re: Ignite-UX Cloning to different Hardware

we were able to clone a rp3440 ignite on a rp2470 box without any problem.
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Re: Ignite-UX Cloning to different Hardware

Its no issue. Once the Ignite process is started you are able to manually configure the load just as you would do in a load from DVD. The installation program will recognize that you have different hardware. In some cases such as filesystems you will need to update them anyway.

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Re: Ignite-UX Cloning to different Hardware

have a look at your rx8640 server, if it has installed the scsi drivers the target machine has, you are OK, if not you have to install the drivers at the same time you clone the server on to the new machine, you will have to configure the config.local to point to a depot with the drivers, have a look at the ignite-ux doc at hp.docs.com , there you can find the info on how to do it.
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Re: Ignite-UX Cloning to different Hardware

hi sameer,

there were few issues regarding using ignite to clone from previous rx to new rx (which uses sas disk).

But mostly because the scsi-00 driver. If you have the latest one installed in rx8640, you should be fine.

a few notes before proceeding.
1) make sure rx8640 OS is at least sept 2006 and installed with latest patch bundles for 11.23.


2) download and install the latest ignite in rx8640 to avoid some problem with certain ignite during cloning.


you can download latest ignite from here:

Good luck!
Sameer Mohbe_1
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Re: Ignite-UX Cloning to different Hardware

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