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Ignite-UX Version C.7.13.240

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Ignite-UX Version C.7.13.240

Anyone know where I can down load Ignite-UX Version: C.7.13.240


I've been checking: Software Deport Home but they have never put this version out there, and now they have an even newer one.... Wanted to install the same version on our Ignite server as is on the current DVD, which is C.7.13.240....



James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Ignite-UX Version C.7.13.240



Based on the documention (below) this is a media-only released version.  Look to your March 2011 OE (for 11.31) or your Application DVD for 11.23:





Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Ignite-UX Version C.7.13.240

It appears that HP did a last minute update to this version of Ignite and did not change everything.


The web site,, has version C.7.13.259 available for download.  However the /opt/ignite/share/doc/release_note document references C.7.13.240 as the latest version.  No mention of the C.7.13.259 is anywhere in the release_note file.


I would guess that HP may have found a serious bug and replaced C.7.13.240.  I could be wrong.


If you have a DVD with C.7.13.240 you should be able to install that on your Ignite server from that DVD.