Ignite-UX & vPars Cookbook

Nandan Bellare

Ignite-UX & vPars Cookbook

The manual "Installing and Managing HP-UX Virtual Partitions (vPars)" Third Edition, Nov 2002, mentions (on Page 82) a "Ignite-UX & vPars Cookbook" which can be located from ITRC's > maintenance & support > search technical knowledgebase.

I have searched as suggested, as well as in the entire ITRC, but unable to locate the cookbook. Can someone, please let me know where I can find it.

Thanks in advance.
Michael Schulte zur Sur
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Re: Ignite-UX & vPars Cookbook


I am sorry, but here ya not go. :-((

Note: Your search produced no results. It is either too specific or has spelling errors. Try a different search string or change your search criteria selection.

Nandan Bellare

Re: Ignite-UX & vPars Cookbook

Hello Jim,

I am sorry, but your pointer does not take me to the cookbook. The error is as mentioned by Michael.


Michael Tully
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Nandan Bellare

Re: Ignite-UX & vPars Cookbook

Hello Michael (Tully),

Sorry ! Still not able to get the document. I am new to ITRC forums & not sure if it is something to do with my profile, that I do not have access to the document.

I have tried the pointer as well as the Doc ID & also narrowing the search, but still no luck.

While it does not address the problem of why the document is not accessible, if the document is not big, it could perhaps be mailed to me offline.

Greg Ekholm
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Re: Ignite-UX & vPars Cookbook

I am having the very same problem. None of the links produce the expected results.
Pete Randall
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Re: Ignite-UX & vPars Cookbook

I believe you need to have a support contract to access the TKB. Here's the link I use, but as I said, you may not be able to access it:



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Re: Ignite-UX & vPars Cookbook

If you are still unable to get this then here is the cut & paste of the same

Date: 7/26/02
Document description: Ignite/UX and vPars Cookbook, Version 2.0, July, 2002
Document id: UVPARKBAN00000897

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Ignite/UX and vPars Cookbook, Version 2.0, July, 2002 DocId: UVPARKBAN00000897 Updated: 20021204

Ignite-UX & vPars Cookbook
v2.0, July 2002


Installing HP-UX in the virtual partions on a system being setup to run vPars is considerably easier if the installations are done using an Ignite-UX server. The purpose of this Cookbook is to describe the process by which such an Ignite-UX server may be configured to automatically install HP-UX 11i and the required vPars components in a single installation process.

Notes on Version 2.0: This document assumes that you are using the June, 2002 release of Ignite-UX, version B.3.7.X. DO NOT USE THIS PROCEDURE TO SETUP PRE-B.3.7.X VERSIONS OF IGNITE-UX!

Why? Prior to the publication of this update, Ignite-UX (versions B.3.4.X, B.3.5.X, and B.3.6.X) did not contain the relocateable install kernel (WINSTALL) required to install HP-UX in a virtual partition. With the release of Ignite-UX B.3.7.X, the WINSTALL kernel is now relocatable, and the manual installation of this relocateable install kernel is no longer required. Details on setting up Ignite-UX for vPars installations using the pre-B.3.7.X versions of Ignite-UX is contained in a document entitled Ignite-UX & vPars Cookbook, v1.0, Nov 2001. While it is strongly recommended that you update your Ignite- UX server to version B.3.7.X, please see the above-referenced document for instructions.


This document covers setup of the Ignite-UX server that will support installation of HP-UX in a vPars environment. Installation of HP-UX in a vPars environment is described in the Installing and Managing HP-UX Virtual Partitions (vPars) guide (T1335-90012), which is available on docs.hp.com. Please see this document for details on the installation of HP-UX.

A stable HP-UX system on which Ignite-UX B.3.7.X may be (or has been) installed exists.
The Ignite-UX server and the target system are on the same subnet, or there is a Gateway Helper configured to allow the target system to boot from the Ignite-UX server.
The user has access to the Ignite-UX, HP-UX, and vPars product software, including any necessary patches.
Getting Started
If an Ignite-UX server does not already exist, or already exists, but is older than revision B.3.7.X, start with Step 1 below. If your Ignite-UX server is already at revision B.3.7.X, skip to Step 4 below.

Note: If you're not sure which version of Ignite-UX you have, log into the system on which Ignite-UX is installed as root, and execute the following command:

# swlist Ignite- UX

The output will show the version information for the product.

Obtain the Ignite-UX software. Sources include CDROM, software.hp.com and SD-UX depot files. The B.3.7.X revision can be found on the June 2002 application distribution.

Install or update Ignite-UX software. Use swinstall(1m) to install Ignite-UX.

Update the root user's PATH variable, if necessary, by adding the /opt/ignite/bin path. Here's an example of how you would change your login Bourne or Korn shell login script:

export PATH=${PATH}:/opt/ignite/bin

Set up the software to be installed on target vPars. within Ignite-UX Note that there are various methods to install and configure software on the Ignite-UX server. In the method shown below, the HP-UX 11i bits are installed, followed by the vPars software contained on the vPars product CD.

Create HP-UX 11i OE depots from apppropriate media. In this example we're using a CDROM device (c0t3d0) that is assumed to contain the HP- UX 11i media:

# make_depots -r B.11.11 -s /dev/dsk/c0t3d0

Add the vPars application software to the depot (in this case, "apps_800"). Here's an example using a tar-format depot file:

# make_depots -r B.11.11 -a 800 -s /tmp/vpar_A.02.tar

Here's another example using an Ignite-UX server:

# make_depots -r B.11.11 -a 800 -s server1:/depot/vpar_A.02_LR

Create an Ignite-UX config file for the above depots (11i OEs and vPars):

# make_config -r B.11.11

The above command creates the "/var/opt/ignite/data/Rel_B.11.11/apps_800_cfg" and "/var/opt/ignite/data/Rel_B.11.11/core_cfg" configuration files.

Manage the Ignite-UX index file for applications:

# manage_index -a - f /var/opt/ignite/data/Rel_B.11.11/apps_800_cfg

Start the Ignite-UX server manager:

# /opt/ignite/bin/ignite

Once the server manager is running, complete the Ignite-UX server configuration.

Select: Options -> Server Configuration...
Select the Server Options tab.
Default Configuration: HP-UX B.11.11 Default
Client Timeouts: 40
Run client installation UI on: server

Select: Options -> Server Configurations... -> Session Options

Verify that only these options are set:
Confirm new clients
Show the welcome screen for the install server

Ensure the option "Halt the client after installation" is not selected.

Note that the Ignite-UX server configuration created by the above procedure includes, BUT DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY INSTALL, the required vPars 2.0 software components. If you use an Ignite-UX server installed in this way, YOU MUST manually select the following software for installation during the software selection phase of the Ignite-UX client installation process:

vPars bundle (T1335AC)
Partition Manager (B6826AA)
In addition, you may (and we recommend that you do) install the following:

iCOD 5.0 (B9073AA)
vPars Manager (VPARMGR)
Online Diagnostics (OnlineDiags).
More information about Ignite-UX can be found in the Ignite- UX Administration Guide (B2355-90750).

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Marco Santerre
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Re: Ignite-UX & vPars Cookbook

Yes Pete, I think you are definitely right. You need to have a support contract with HP to be able to access these documents in the TKB.

So if you have a support contract with HP, you can probably talk with your ASR and I'm sure he can do the same, and even help set you up with the ITRC
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