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Ignite-UX make_net_recovery

Hi all,

I have two HP9000 PA-RISC machines with HP-UX 11i installed.

My environment has others systems like IBM AIX, SUN Solaris and GNU/Linux systems.

We have for policy default make the system operational backups in a SSA disks that are connected at the IBM AIX system.

I don't know if I can make HP-UX golden-images in SSA disks that are managed by IBM AIX system.
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Re: Ignite-UX make_net_recovery


I'm not 100% sure if understand the question. HP-UX golden images, make_tape_recovery, and make_net_recovery will only work on HP-UX systems. It will capture the HP-UX OS and provide for a system recovery. It will not backup/save data that is in volume groups other than vg00. This of course is a general statement as you can include other volume groups or parts of them, but the purpose is not to backup user data. It is to recover the OS.

Hope this helps,
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Re: Ignite-UX make_net_recovery


I suppose that you could create the disk-based Ignite image, tar it up, and copy it over to your AIX system... it would be better to run an HP-UX-based Ignite server, though.

What method do you use for your other machines? Do your Linux machines create a golden image directly on the AIX disks via NFS, or ...? Just curious. The answer to this question might help someone to give you the answer for HP-UX.

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Re: Ignite-UX make_net_recovery

make_net_recovery can split up client config directory (HP-UX), Ignite server (HP-UX) and archive directory (AIX) by a few parameters.

For some times our backups went to a netapp filer due to space constraints. It worked flawless and recovery also did.

If the AIX system has specific DR-safe backups,
You might want to copy the client configs over to it, too. One without the other means trouble.

directories are usally called:
the 'images' /var/opt/ignite/recovery/archives/ ...
the config data /var/opt/ignite/client/ ...

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