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Ignite/UX on tapeless system

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H.Merijn Brand (procura
Honored Contributor

Ignite/UX on tapeless system

make_tape_recovery does not support a remote tape, though the default configuration file states a tape device as "host:/dev/rmt/0mn", which makes it strange that '-a host:/dev/rmt/0mn' is /not/ supported.

Is there another way to create a recovery tape of a system that has no direct access to a physical tape device? (I do not mean make_net_recovery)

If HP is tuned in (hint hint), please consider making a 'make_iso_recovery' command that creates an ISO image that can be put to a bootable CD. CD's are available on virtualy all standalone machines, maybe even more so than tape drives.
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Sandip Ghosh
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Re: Ignite/UX on tapeless system

Nope. I have not yet heard about. But HP should do some arrangement for using the remote Tape, atleast for taking the backup.
We know restore from remote tape will be very difficult.

Good Luck!!!
Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Ignite/UX on tapeless system

At this point if you do not want to do make_net_recovery, you have no options.

I agree that the ability to write to a remote tape device would be useful.

Are you aware though, that if you do a make_net_recovery to another HP machine, you can then make a tape from that make_net_recovery image?

If you are interested have a read through the /opt/ignite/share/doc/makenetrec.txt document.
Roger Baptiste
Honored Contributor

Re: Ignite/UX on tapeless system


i faced the same problem with one of the DRP systems which did not have tape drive.

The roundabout way to get the image on tape is to use make_net_recovery onto a different server which has tape drive and then transfer the image to the tape drive. the method for this is explained in the /opt/ignite/share/doc/makenetrec.txt .

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Respected Contributor

Re: Ignite/UX on tapeless system

Yes, There is a solution for your problem.

If you have external tape drive, you can connect it and make a copy of make_recovery tape. For that you should have stape driver configured in your kernel.

You need not have to shutdown the system while connecting or removing the external drive.Just take care that while connecting and removing the tape drive the tape drive power is off.

This is the easiest and alternate solution for systems without having tape drive.

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Dean Adams
Frequent Advisor

Re: Ignite/UX on tapeless system

I agree on the part about making bootable CD-ROMs. Also, why doesn't HP have an Enhanced Disaster Recovery method for UX like they do for NT? Perhaps the bootable CD could work with something like that.