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Ignite-UX port usage (<1024)


Ignite-UX port usage (<1024)



We are setting the firewall ports to allow ignite server works with clients located in different network. Looking at firewall logs we see traffic using ports 1023,1022..and so on (below 1024).

In the "Ignite-UX Administration Guide for HP-UX 11i - Sept 2012" ,page 88, "make_net_recovery initiated from server" it says:


The client can specify to use privileged ports (1–1023) or not via the ssh_config directive.
The default is non-privileged ports. If you want to configure ssh to use privileged ports, you
have to make the client an suid program.


We are issuing make_net_recoverys from server using ssh. Where exactly the use of privileged ports is set? It says by default is not to use these ports, but it is actually using them. I need to change this behaviour because firewall admins do not want we use traffic below port 1024.


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