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Ignite and LOFS problem

Occasional Contributor

Ignite and LOFS problem

Hi All,

I am facing problem due to one lofs file system.Ignite is faling by giving erorr
WARNING: Cannot parse mount information for /
ERROR: The list_expander command failed. This could be due to a problem with
the -x options specified - see messages above.
[hp01@HP-UX]>grep lofs /etc/mnttab
/ /net/hp01 lofs defaults 0 0 1192426030
i already tried to unmount this ...still no luck

Honored Contributor

Re: Ignite and LOFS problem


this entry looks like a lofs mount of your root directory.
- output of the command 'umount /net/hp01'
- what OS version
- what ignite version
Other question:
- do you really need a NFS-exported root directory?

mfG Peter
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