Ignite and NAT

Roberto Volsa
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Ignite and NAT

i would like to set up an Ignite server in order to backup the OS of different hosts located in different sites.
There are firewall across the networks; i know Ignite is not supported for restore hosts across firewall (am i right?). Can i use NAT in order to natting IPs and thus let restoring host to connect directly to the Ignite server?

Is there any other way to perform such restore in such environment?

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Steven E. Protter
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Re: Ignite and NAT


No, NAT will make it harder.

To do Ignite backups you need a boot helper server to handle communications between the Ignite server and Ignite client.

Doing this across the public Internet opens up ports on the firewall that you can't leave open and have a secure firewall.

Best idea would be to make and keep the backups locally at each location. A centralized system will require NFS to be open on the firewall which causes all kinds of complications.

If you can afford a fat pipe and a dedicated private network between the cites Ignite would be a great tool for handling the OS backups.

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