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Ignite and vPars

Ron Mattson
Occasional Contributor

Ignite and vPars

Ignite and vPars:
Forgive me but I'm new to ignite and vPars.
I have (two) rp7410 each running (one nPar with two vPars).
I have been searching the forums and HP documentation for the best disaster recovery method. We also just received (4) tape drives so each vPar will have its own drive.

In one document....
Read Before Installing document (A.02.03) where it states that make_tape_recovery was tested and seems to work.

But in summary ... the doc said in order to recover, all active vPars must be shutdown when making a recover tape. This way /stand/vpmon and /stand/vpdb can be recovered. After you restore, set to Primary & Secondary boot paths and reboot. Then you can restore the other vPars with make_net_recovery from ignite server.

In one forum...
It looks like you can make separate make_tape_recovery tapes of each vPar and boot/recover each vPar independently.

What would be the Best Practice?
Thank you in advance!

Valued Contributor

Re: Ignite and vPars

if you can allocation each partition has tape drive then you can run make_tape_recovery as per your convinence, otherwise I will setup one host as ignite server and run make_net_recovery, then backup the ignite server in regular basis.

Ron Mattson
Occasional Contributor

Re: Ignite and vPars

Thanks for the info. Yes, I will have one tape drive for each vPar. Do you mean I don't need to worry about how HP-UX boots up?
I was just worried I would not be able to get to /stand/vpmon to boot the vPar if I had a complete vg00 failure.