Re: Ignite error and reboot

Keith Runnels_2
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Ignite error and reboot

When recovering from tape onto an rp8420, Ignite gave these messages and automatically rebooted:

* Preparing to execute init...
======= 08/13/07 10:41:12 EDT HP-UX Installation Initialization. (Mon Aug 13
10:41:12 EDT 2007)
@(#)Ignite-UX Revision C.7.1.93
@(#)ignite/launch (opt) $Revision: 10.590.1.2 $ $Date: 2006/12/18
20:51:11 $
* Configuring RAM filesystems...
* Scanning system for IO devices...
WARNING: send_smapi_command: smapi_send_and_wait failed, got: CONTINUE
ERROR: IO action QUERY_PROCESSOR failed: got
WARNING: Could not find Q_BOOT device. Cannot determine what the boot device
ERROR: Could not get io-device data (ioscan)
WARNING: send_smapi_command: smapi_send_and_wait failed, got: CONFIG_SAVE
ERROR: Could not write disk information file
NOTE: System rebooting...
Shutdown at 10:41 (in 0 minutes)
System shutdown time has arrived

The issue is with the newer version of Ignite with multiple cells. If you reduce the cells down to a single, you can then run the Ignite. After you're Ignited, then add back in the other cell.

Just an FYI for anyone who's having trouble doing this. Hope it helps.
Joelmel Roche
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Re: Ignite error and reboot

Hi Keith,

Are you using SAN switch or AB378A
Fiber Channel adapter? check the the port of the SAN switch, if MARGINAL state try to autonegotiate the port on the SAN switch.

Joelmel Roche
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Re: Ignite error and reboot

Keinth, The latest version of Ignite-UX is C.7.2

Armin Kunaschik
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Re: Ignite error and reboot

ioscan seems not be able to find any disk.
Maybe you have a problem with the onboard scsi controller or internal disks.
Another reason might be that your ignite version is too old... but 7.1.93 is pretty new for PA-RISC hardware.

My 2 cents,
And now for something completely different...
Keith Runnels_2
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Re: Ignite error and reboot

Guys, I posted this just to let everyone know the solution.

Our disaster recovery service provider ran across this quirk after upgrading to Ignite 7.1/7.2 with cell-based systems. Seems the multiple cells caused problems with the recovery (I don't know why, but it does). Sure enough, he reduced the system down to cell 0 only, and the Ignite worked. After the system was Ignited, he added back in cell 1. We were working fine at that point with the full system available.

Hope that helps someone else.