Ignite from Superdome (vPar) to N-Class

Rob (ve)
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Ignite from Superdome (vPar) to N-Class

Hi All,

I am trying to move a Vpar on a superdome to and n-class server. Do you know if this is supported?

Steven E. Protter
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Re: Ignite from Superdome (vPar) to N-Class

Shalom Rob,

You should be able to do this. Whether its officially supported is another concept.

You may find that going with the less hardware dependent Ignite Golden Image improves your chances of success.

The fact that the hardware is radically different and vpars is involved increases the changes of an Ignite make_tape_recovery or make_net_recovery is going to run into trouble.

However, if you have a spare N Class box, have at it, I believe the transfer is possible, if not easy.

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Darrel Louis
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Re: Ignite from Superdome (vPar) to N-Class


You might encounter problems, because you're naking an image from a vpar and also with different hardware parts.

I've done it the other way around once.
Made an Golden image on a L-class and installed the image on a npar on a superdome. Due to the PAR manager software missing on my image and several kernel parameters and different hardware parts I had to do a lot of troubleshooting and postinstall tasks.

Denver Osborn
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Re: Ignite from Superdome (vPar) to N-Class

I agree with steve, don't see why it couldn't work. I'd be sure to select the option for clone = true... this way the kernel would be rebuilt. You won't need to boot /stand/vpmon... you'll boot /stand/vmunix. Besides, isn't the VPARs product supported on both platforms anyway? Go for it. :)

You could always remove the iCod, PARMGR and VirtualPartition software if you're able to "clone" from your make_net_recovery.

With an interactive recovery, under basic tab go to "Additional..." options button and from there set "Cloning to different hw" to TRUE. If it fails the worst that could happen is you go the route of making a golden image.

good luck
Rob (ve)
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Re: Ignite from Superdome (vPar) to N-Class

Thanks, All. This is great feedback.
Sandy Chen
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Re: Ignite from Superdome (vPar) to N-Class

I've tried this before, the restore process is successfull, however the OS in the N-class is not in a stable state

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