Ignite nPar and restore to vPar

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Ignite nPar and restore to vPar

can i make an ignite backup of a nPar and restore the ignite to a vPar? i know its possible but how exactly?

what about vpar software and the kernel on a vpar should be "reallocatable"?

i know that a nPar will boot /stand/vmunix and vpar will boot /stand/vpmon and then vmunix.

OS is HPUX11.11

thanks in advance!!!
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Re: Ignite nPar and restore to vPar

OS is 11.11, so I assume you have a PA-RISC server.

2 choices:

1) stop the target server (all vPars), boot from the tape and restore to a new disk. Install vPars software on this instance.
Restart vPars, create a new vPar and boot.

2) install the software on your source system and do a backup. Because vPars software is installed (kernel is vPar aware), you can restore this image to a vPar env.

Hope this helps!

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