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Ignite network boot not providing temporary IP address


Ignite network boot not providing temporary IP address

I installed the 11.31.1203 DCOE bundle with Ignite and configured /etc/dhcptab with the HP_IGNITE_UX_0 and HPVM_Itanium_Clients device groups.  When I LAN boot the client, the HPVM_Itanium_Clients group is recognized and the PXE bootloader proceeds.  However, when the install phase starts, the HP_IGNITE_UX_0 does not appear to be recognized as Ignite does not provide a temporary hostname and IP address to begin.  I'm on an isolated subnet with no other DHCP server involved and I cannot seem to get past this.  Any assistance or advice will be appreciated!

pradeep m

Re: Ignite network boot not providing temporary IP address

You can use the /etc/bootptab file to configured IP address for Itanium based Ignite-UX clients. Alternatively you can also try to use "dbprofile" lan boot the client. 

I would recommed you to to cross verify the Ignite-UX server side configuration. 


You can refer the HP Ignite-UX Guided Troubleshooting which has the step by step instructions on configuration and troubleshooting Ignite-UX

Click here to access HP Ignite-UX Guided Troubleshooting. 


Ignite-UX Server Side Configuration: From the above web link -> Choose "Troubleshooting Guide" -> Choose "Verifying Ignite-UX Server Side Configuration



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