Re: Ignite network recovery problem

Bill Brandt
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Ignite network recovery problem

Hi folks,

I created a network recovery of an ipf machine running 11.31 on an ipf Ignite server running 11.31 (server A) without problem. However server A needs more disk so I spun up another Ignite server running 11.31 (server B). I need to move the client archive from A to B before destroying the disks. My thought was to restore the client and then generate another archive on server B. However when server B tries to install the recovery tools on the client, it fails, presumably because they're already there from server A. I was going to swremove the tools but am not sure which pieces to delete. The logs don't provide any valuable info. What's the solution here?
Tim Nelson
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Re: Ignite network recovery problem

I hope I am following this..

So, you moved the recovery archives to serverB. Now you attempt to re-run a make_net_recovery of serverC to ignite serverB and you are getting an error ?

If this is correct, I do not think that because serverC has the ignite tools from serverA it would make a difference. Ignite always attempts to check the tools level and if they do not match the ignite server level then it does an update ( maybe the tools are newer ? This is a shot in the dark as you did not attach the error you were getting. You can remove all the ignite tools from serverC if you wish as mentioned above the Ignite server will reinstall during the process.

Other possibilities
1) serverB /etc/exports is correct ?
2) serverB /etc/host file has serverC entries.
3) serverB has an archive of serverC that is somehow causing issue because it was copied from serverA ? Delete the directories for serverC from /var/opt/ignite/clients/MACserverC
and /var/opt/ignite/recovery/archive/serverC and retry.

Can you execute make_net_recovery from some other server, not serverC ?

Try to create the image from the ignite server side. execute ignite on serverB then select serverC > make net recovery

Send us the errors if any.

Bill Brandt
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Re: Ignite network recovery problem

As you suggested, Tim, the version of Ignite on the server A was newer than server B. When server B tried to install its tools, it found a newer version on the client so the swinstall failed, which stopped the archive process. Nowhere in the logs was this evident but the swinstall was operating outside of that. Thanks for your help.