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Ignite network setup

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Ignite network setup



I just finished configuring a cold install of 11.31. I would like to make a base image before i start installing and configuring other things. I have no tape drive nor writeable dvd. How can i make an image of my server?


Ideally i would like to store this image on a NFS share running on linux. I am looking for ways to do the back up and be able to later restore this image. I only have 1 rp3410 available so i dont have any other HP-UX system available. 


I was thinking on something like this:

- Do the image back up and store it on a linux server on an NFS share.

- If i need to restore the server, boot to a DVD/CD that can do igniteUX commands and use the NFS mount point and image as the source for the restore. 


Any ideas?



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Re: Ignite network setup

There was talk of a Linux based version of Ignite, but it doesnt seem to have gained much traction.  A couple of links:


The Central Management Server software would come through HP SIM:



I have never done this so not sure if the Ignite-LUX functionality is still there, but in your case it may be worth looking into.



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