Ignite on 11i NFS Server not responding

Sean McConkey_5

Ignite on 11i NFS Server not responding

I have setup an Ignite Server on an old K210 running 11i with Ignite (both December 2002 Releases & Support+)

When I try to re-build a box from the Ignite image, it fails anywhere between 20% & 80% of the build, with NFS Server not responding.

Any ideas?
Stefan Farrelly
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Re: Ignite on 11i NFS Server not responding

The NFS not responding error is indicative of your network which cant cope with the consistent speed needed for the ignite build/copy. To fix it add in a couple of nfs mount options;


This will stop the NFS server not responding errors.
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Sean McConkey_5

Re: Ignite on 11i NFS Server not responding

Seem's it was a patch issue, I installed an additional patch, from support +.


This was in addition to PHNE_26388.
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Ignite on 11i NFS Server not responding

Its probably not a patch issue, though that will help.

Networking can be an issue.

1) You can't boot an Ignite client on anything other than the built in.

2) Do a lanadmin -x lan# replace lan with the lan number you are trying the Ignite pull/push on.

Is it what you expect? Even if it is, check the switch port settings. If the switch is Cisco, have the admin hard code the settings to the max speed on your card. Autonegiate on Cisco switchs confuses HP NIC's.

After that is fun, boot the box, lanadmin -x lan#

If its not what you expect, hard code the settings you want into this file:

/etc/rc.config.d/hpbtlanconf file

Once you have this worked out, you should retry the transfer, it might go better.

If you have the latest pax patch installed, which lets you put 8Gig files into your Ignite image, remove it. The utility pax_iux can't unpack files that big.

Yes, I've had your problem and gotten through it. Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt.


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