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Leif Halvarsson_2
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Ignite problem


I get the following error messages when trying to create a network recovery archive for two of our servers:

* Archiving contents of SRV00404 via tar to
pax: tmp/^Kar\opt\OV\log\OpC\opcerror : No such file or directory
WARNING: The pax command returned a non-zero exit status (exit status 1)
WARNING: The pax command returned a non-zero exit status (exit status 1)
* Creation of system archive complete
NOTE: The following files are in the list of files that were on the
system, but they are no longer present. These files are not
included in the back-up:

ERROR: The make_sys_image command failed. The system recovery archive will
not be created.

The problem seems to have something to do with OpenView. Is it necessary to stop the OV agents before creating the archive ?

eran maor
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Re: Ignite problem


you dont need to stop the ovo agnet before doing make_net_recovery .

the problem is with the temp direcotry that you have that you need to find and delete .

i can see that the files that the pax complain is in /tmp .

please find this direcotry and delete it ( most of the time you can delete all files in /tmp )

and try to run the make_net_recovery , i thing it will work fine .

i have work with this doc that i have attach
love computers
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Re: Ignite problem

Alternatively, exclude /tmp from the ignite backup.

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Leif Halvarsson_2
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Re: Ignite problem


I was confused by the filename, there is a file "/var/opt/OV/log/OpC/opcerror" and I thought the problem was releted to this file.
I could never imagine there should be a file called:
A such filename is not valid in HP-UX and not possible to create by mistake. I have no idea about where the file has come from.

Even more strange, on the other server I could not find a such file. It must have been there yesterday but can't find it today. And "make_net_recovery" completed without any problem.

As it seems, the file
/tmp/\var\opt\OV\log\OpC\opcerror is created and deleted automatic by some process.

Can it have something to do with the OV server, it is a Windows box (and the filename has Windows syntax).

Dietmar Konermann
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Re: Ignite problem


backslashes in file names are perfectly legal from a Unix point of view. Unfortunately Ignite is unable to handle them, which is a known limitation (JAGaf01832).

The problem is the filter_dead_files()
function, coded in the Ignite script /opt/ignite/data/scripts/make_sys_image. Add the -r option to the two print statements and you're done.

filter_dead_files() {
# NREad from standard-in and then check for any files
# that are no longer on the system and remove them
# from the list. Also note that the files in the list
# have been stripped of their first "/". Therefore,
# it has been added for the test.
while read -r FILE_IN
# Check if file exists and is readable. If not, do not archive.
if [[ -r "/${FILE_IN}" || -L "/${FILE_IN}" || -S "/${FILE_IN}" \
|| -p "/${FILE_IN}" || -b "/${FILE_IN}" || -c "/${FILE_IN}" \
|| -d "/${FILE_IN}" || -f "/${FILE_IN}" ]]; then
# The calling program accepts all output, so just do so.
print -r -- "${FILE_IN}"
print -r " /${FILE_IN}" >> ${TMP_GONE_FILE_LIST}
} # End filter_dead_files()

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Steven E. Protter
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Re: Ignite problem

Unix likes the filenames,has no issues.

Ignite coughs up furballs. Looks like pax, maybe a pax patch will help. Probably not.

If the files are generated regularly, then you'll need for the short term to go get the files before running make_tape_recovery

I've got a back thread on the same issue, only it wasn't an openview file.

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Leif Halvarsson_2
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Re: Ignite problem

I expressed me unclear.
A filename containing backslashes can obviously exist in HP-UX (as I had a such file on my system).

What I should say was that backslash is a special character for the shell and must be escaped if you want to use in filenames (and it is a little risk a such file is created by mistake).

I will try the solution described by Dieter.

Thank You !