Ignite recovery accross subnets

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Ignite recovery accross subnets


Can you explain how to recover the ignite backup (which is on ignite server) through accross subnets.

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Re: Ignite recovery accross subnets

Have you read the Ignite-UX documentation? It is explained in the Ignite-UX Administration Guide:


See chapter 5: Complex Networks: Challenges and Solutions.

Briefly, you'll need a system that can act as a "boot helper" in the same subnet with the system you wish to boot.

Some Itanium servers can also do a "directed boot" where the essential network parameters are entered using EFI commands "dbprofile" and "lanboot". This allows booting from a Ignite server in a remote subnet without a boot helper in the local subnet.


It's also possible to use some non-HPUX DHCP servers to serve the critical boot information to HP-UX Itanium systems. (The equivalent information for PA-RISC systems does not seem to be available.)

Chapter 6 of the Ignite-UX Administration Guide has examples about configuring a Windows RDP server or a Linux server to allow HP-UX Itanium systems to boot from them.

The information sent by the non-HPUX boot server would include the necessary information for accessing the real Ignite server.

If you cannot make any system act as a boot helper, you could also use the Ignite server to create a minimal boot media that will allow the target server to boot, connect to the Ignite server through the network and initiate the restore operation. This is possible for both Itanium and PA-RISC systems. See the very first question in Chapter 15.2.13, "System Recovery Questions and Answers" in the above-mentioned Ignite-UX Administration Guide.

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Re: Ignite recovery accross subnets

dbprofile is your friend to boot the server across subnets.
for more information refer ignite guide.

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Re: Ignite recovery accross subnets


Please refer the below mentioned thread and am sure this will help you to configure.


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