Ignite recovery tape from N4000 to L2000

randy lee

Ignite recovery tape from N4000 to L2000

I want to make an Ignite tape that is portable from an N4000 server to an L2000 server.
I want to have the ability to use the L2000 as a disaster recovery server at a hot site.





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Rick Garland
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Re: Ignite recovery tape from N4000 to L2000

There may be enough hardware differences that would not make this feasible (or possible). The best way is to test and see if this works.

Other option would be to create a Golden Image - this is hardware independent.
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Ignite recovery tape from N4000 to L2000

The hardware differences will make this problematic. You should book an appointment with a nearby HP peformance center and see about scheduling a test.

I think the chances of success are not 100%.

I did rp5450 to rp5470 test in February of 2004 and achieved excellent results. The more alike the hardware the better off you are.

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Tim D Fulford
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Re: Ignite recovery tape from N4000 to L2000


I've done this quite a few times... BUT you need to have a good idea what you are doing, it will work, but it will also depend upon your expectations of the process. It is far from automated.

This is what I did...
o I ONLY took ignite image of vg00
o Took database & filesystem backups for the other vg's.
o I also created scripts that create these other volume groups,
o I created a manifest of the types of H/W on the N4000, IP addresses etc to refere to during the build.
o There were other problems like the fibre cards in the L2000 were not the same as the N4000, so I had to install these drivers from the application CDs.
o You also need to tune your application appropriately, so if you use a database you may need to reduce the number of cpu/worker processes to the number of CPUs.
o The disks subsystem is also important.. overlook this and you then have your N4000 on its back and the L2000 struggling to stay up...

Good luck

Anthony Lennan
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Re: Ignite recovery tape from N4000 to L2000

Hi Randy,

From my experience with Ignite I would be surprised if it doesn't work actually.

To maximise your chances I would definitely look at updating your hardware enablement patches on your N-class to the latest possible version.

Besides that, I would also make sure that you specify your make_tape_recovery with the -I option so that it's interactive. This will help because you can then choose what disks and things that you want to use on the new hardware.

If you do those two things I think you have a great chance of success!

Please let us know how you go.