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Ignite server


Ignite server

Hi Team ,


I have 4 nos rx6600 servers, 1 no rx2600 server , 1 no rx2800 server , 1 no hp 9000 rp3440 .


I dont have tape drive, but i want take osbackup and restore osbackup through network incase of emergency, so kindly advice me.


question 1 , what are the servers support network boot

question 2 , how to restore os backup through network

question 3 , procedure for set ignite server


kindly give value inputs.


Advance thanks


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Re: Ignite server

All your servers can boot from LAN, the rp3440 is limited to the core I/O LAN.


You will find the software, the manual and a quickstart guide here:

Hope this helps!

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