Ignite /uxinstlf.recovery

radheshyam garg
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Ignite /uxinstlf.recovery

Could you please tell me whether i can delete the "uxinstlf.recovery" from /tmp because there were not sufficient space in /var/tmp so i used -B to redirect it into /tmp ?
Make_recovery completed but "uxinstlf.recovery" is still thete in /tmp

Without -B in other server "uxinstlf.recovery" creating in make_recoery time and once the make_recovery complete it automatically delete from /var/tmp...
Peter Godron
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Re: Ignite /uxinstlf.recovery

as long as your make_recovery has worked and has written to tape, man indicates you can remove the file.

See "man 1m make_recovery"

"-b boot-destination-file
Specifies the temporary location where the LIF
volume will be assembled before it is written to
tape. The default directory is
/var/tmp/uxinstlf.recovery. At least 32 Mb is
required in the directory where the LIF volume
will be assembled. The LIF volume and other
temporary files required by make_medialif(1m) will
be assembled in the directory specified and then
removed after the recovery process completes."