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Ignite with out and Ignite server

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Ignite with out and Ignite server

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I am attempting to cold boot a HP9000 server to a NAS device without an Ignite server.  Basically my task is to rebuild the first HP-UX box from a golden image I have on a NAS device served up via NFS.  I can do this all day long once I have my ignite server up, the question is how do I recover my Ignite server without any other HP-UX boxes on line?  My initial thought is to have a boot DVD that will allow me to boot the first box and let me do a locally administered install, thus allowing me to enter the network parameters to get to the golden image.  Is there a document that describes this process?  I did find this.;jsessionid=BVXmTlHZ6p7ZzJLp1nP7wsHxTzzXpHDp1zpt9Qhv2BHgwMhcH2r7!358740387?lang=en&cc=us&taskId=120&prodSeriesId=3200199&prodTypeId=18964&objectID=c01823707&hpappid=NextGen  is it what I am looking for?


Thank you