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José Enrique González
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Ignited server don't boot

I upgraded an N4000 server form Ignite-UX 2.0 to 5.1 by removing old and installing new version, and then installing appropiate pax patch. Then I created a Ignite tape.

Later, I reinstalled the server from this tape with no change in options. But when trying to load kernel (booting from primary boot path), HPUX utility showed no error message and got back to ISL prompt. No mather what options I used, I always got ISL prompt. I checked disk path and it was OK. While reinstalling, a message anouncing boot area creation was showed, so I can not understand what could be wrong.

Finaly, I had to reinstall the server from the old 2.0 version tape, and then it booted well.

Any explanation for this behavior? Thanks in advance for your comments.
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Re: Ignited server don't boot

From ISL prompt, ls, does it show all required files-such as LABLE, HPUX etc.

Does it boot if you do "hpux -lm"
Also from PDC, if you do sea ipl, does it show your disk??

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Nick W
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Re: Ignited server don't boot


I think you may have hit a "known issue"....

Check out the recommnedations in What's New section of Ignite Info:

see section "Ignite-UX: Recommendations from HP for Ignite-UX versions B.5.2.x, B.5.1.x, and B.5.0.x"

>> Ignite-UX version B.5.[0/1/2].x Announcement

Ignite-UX versions B.5.2.x, B.5.1.x, and B.5.0.x will not install or recover some HP-UX 11.0 and 10.20 clients, and may exhibit other unanticipated conditions.

Hewlett-Packard has identified several issues with the March 2004 Ignite-UX version B.5.2.x, December 2003 Ignite-UX version B.5.1.x and November 2003 Ignite-UX version B.5.0.x that prevent the installation and recovery of some HP-UX 11.0 and 10.20 clients. Ignite-UX version B.5.2.x prevents the recovery of 64-bit HP-UX 11.0 servers using a make_net_recovery image; other unanticipated conditions are possible. Ignite-UX versions B.5.1.x and B.5.0.x prevent the recovery of HP-UX 11.0 and 10.20 Ignite-UX clients from make_tape_recovery images.

HP has resolved these issues in the Ignite-UX version, B.5.3.x.

...."other unanticipated conditions are possible" <--- suggest you upgrade to later version of Ignite (C.6.x now available)