Igniting Informix raw lvols

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Igniting Informix raw lvols

I have three VGs and all are mirrored. One of the VG is used by Informix as a raw disk. I wanted to make a single step recovery tape for the whole VGs using make_tape_recovery by issuing the command "make_tape_recovery -AvI -x inc_entire=vg00 -x inc_entire=vg01 -x inc_entire=vg02" where vg01 is the volume group containg all the informix db files.

What I noticed is that ignite did not backed up vg01 since perhaps is a raw disk?.

Can I specify instead of the VG, the disk instead (eg. -x inc_entire=/dev/dsk/c#t#d#) and would this work. Do I still need to split up the mirror? Reading from the man pages is not that clear. It only specified that you specify the disk for non-lvm but it did not mention it it would work for a lvm which is also mirrored.

The importance of this single step recovery procedure is to bring up an application immediately after the os recovery since there are no users in the os, the application running is the only user in the os.
Tim D Fulford
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Re: Igniting Informix raw lvols

Nice idea but you cannot do it for a few of reasons

1 - Ignite does not back-up raw LVols

2 - If it did, the Informix backup may be inconsistent, especially if you did it whilst Informix was running.

3 - Ignite does not preserve the permissions of the /dev/vgxx/r

Personally I think that a "one button DR solution" can create more problems than it solves. I prefer to have
o Ignite of vg00
o fbackup of all other file-systems
o ontape of informix + logical logs

It does some time to do the above but it works. However, I believe Omni-Back professes to have a "one button DR solution" as it integrates with Ignite & Informix onbar etc. Check that out.


harry d brown jr
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Re: Igniting Informix raw lvols

To add a note to Tim's:

Ignite uses TAR to backup the FILESYSTEM, not the VG!

Besides you should be placing the database into backup mode before attempting to back it up, and you should use tools designed to backup databases.

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