Initialize loadable module


Initialize loadable module

We have created a standard system, installed & configured Ignite-UX and finally created a Bootable tape from the ignite server.

After the tape installation, we have the 'kminit' process which is failed!
"ERROR: Module registration failed"
The we tried to find the origin of the problem and we have found that the following command is failed :
--> kmmodreg
"Cannot register module 'krm':No such device or address.'

What is this problem ?

Thanks a lot helping us
Andy Monks
Honored Contributor

Re: Initialize loadable module

Try running kmupdate and seeing if that cures the problem.

You'd need to do :-

cd /stand/build
mk_kernel -s ../system
kmupdate /stand/build/vmunix_test
shutdown -ry 0

Re: Initialize loadable module

Hi Andy,

I have executed this commands whithout any problem. After the reboot, the problem is still present.

The kminit is still failed.

Thanks for you answer

Alex Glennie
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Re: Initialize loadable module

What O/S are we talking .....

Check the image has :

EMS-KRMonitor.KRMON-DRV-DRV HP-UX_B.11.00_32 or
EMS-KRMonitor.KRMON-DRV-DRV HP-UX_B.11.00_64

or maybe both available for ignite purposes ?

Re: Initialize loadable module

Sorry I have forgot it,

we are working on a L1000 machine(64bits). 1 disk contains the ignite server and the second one is for testing purpose. Each time we are testing new tapes, we have to reboot the server (grrrrr).

Other information, we have installed the general release patches bundle from september.

I hope this informations will help us

Andy Monks
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Re: Initialize loadable module

Is there anything in the /stand/mod_wk.d or /stand/build/mod_wk.d

Re: Initialize loadable module

On the reference system from which the image were created :

The /stand/mod_wk.d does not exist

/stand/build/mod_wk.d contains a folder krm
There there is a file 'mod_conf.c' which contains :
#include "/usr/conf/h/mod_conf.h"
struct mod_conf_data krm_conf_data={

On the system installed from the tape:
The same data than above

Other information :
At the boot sequence, the following message appears :
"Warning: out of character major numbers
Couldn't install driver krm
gio_mod_drv_reg: gio_allocate_majors failed"
Andy Monks
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Re: Initialize loadable module

Not sure what the krm module is.

I'd recommend trying to create the ignite image without it.

You could try removing the file in the mod_mk.d directory (copy it to another directory), and then building a kernel using the method I mentioned earlier. Then create the new igniate image and install from it.

Re: Initialize loadable module

krm : kernel ressource monitor
If, via SAM, I include it (static) into the kernel it is working.
If, via SAM, I try to load it into the kernel it is not working.

The actual reference system is not which has been used to create the tape. I start again installing a new system and create a golden image again...
Andy Monks
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Re: Initialize loadable module

could try :-

kmsystem -c Y -S /stand/build/system dlkm

kmsystem -c Y -S /stand/build/system DlkmDrv

kmsystem -c Y -S /stand/build/system krm

Then do the kmupdate stuff.